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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

You’ve just bought your biggest asset ever. So you want to protect it – just like you insure your car, and your personal valuables.

There are two aspects to insuring your property – the building itself, and the contents inside it.

There is a wide range of options to choose from for building and contents insurance, and we’ll help find the right one for you. Insurance is not a ‘set and forget’ item – it’s essential to review your cover every year to make sure you’re not underinsured as your house goes up in value or you acquire more possessions.

We’ll help you compare options so you can rest assured you’re getting the right deal for your circumstances, and to review your insurance to make sure you’re covered.

Insuring Household Items

Whether you live in a one-bedroom flat or a five-bedroom detached house, you will have worked hard to be able to afford your home so it’s important to make sure that you have the right insurance in place should something go wrong.

What if there was a fire or the roof was damaged in a storm? Would you be able to pay for the repairs? And where would you live if your house were uninhabitable? Your home also contains some of your most valuable possessions. Could you afford to replace your flat screen TV or your jewellery collection if you were the target of burglars?

That is why we believe our customers deserve advice and help in choosing the right home insurance for their needs.

Buildings Insurance

Covers the structure of your home, the roof, walls, and windows. It also includes the permanent fixtures, such as the kitchen units and the bathroom suite. Not all buildings insurance policies are the same, but they typically insure your home in case of fire, storm, flood, subsidence, burst pipes, theft and falling trees.

Contents Cover

You don’t just need to insure the structure of your home; you also need to protect its contents against loss or damage caused by theft, fire, storms, lightning, flooding or other water leakage, as well as explosions or earthquakes.

The contents of your home might be more valuable than you think. The average family often under-estimates the true value of their possessions, so it’s important to get the figure right so that your insurance will pay out in the event of a claim.

A lot to think about already. What about….

Accidental Damage

This is cover for unintentional damage to your property such as nailing through a pipe when putting a picture on the wall or putting a foot through the ceiling when up in the loft.

Personal Possessions

Personal Possessions cover is a valuable extension to Contents Insurance to protect against accidental loss or damage of items normally worn or carried, like jewellery or mobile phones, inside and outside the home anywhere in the UK and whilst abroad.

Home Emergency

Home Emergency Cover provides a 24-hour helpline with access to approved tradesmen to resolve a range of emergencies for example, being completely locked out of the home or complete failure of the heating or electrics.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses Cover can be added to Buildings or Contents to provide a lump sum of legal support to deal with a range of unforeseen circumstances such as being treated unfairly at work, contract disputes or personal injury.

Landlord Insurance For Rental Properties

The responsibilities of a landlord are many and varied – and include insurance. Buildings insurance is vital to protect the structure of your investment property. You should also pay special attention to your contents cover, particularly if you let a furnished or partly furnished property.

Optional extras to consider

Landlords might also want to consider extending their cover to include rent guarantee insurance and legal expenses cover. The peace of mind is often worth the extra premium.

Accidental Damage to the Buildings Insurance policy

This is cover for visible damage to your property which happens suddenly and has not been caused on purpose or inevitably, such as a tenant nailing through a pipe when putting a picture on the wall, or putting a foot through the ceiling when up in the loft.

Loss of Rent

Provides cover for the period of time that the property is uninhabitable. Are you able to cover the loss of income while repairs are being carried out due to unforeseen events.

Legal cover

Cover includes legal expenses and protects against the cost of having a disruptive tenant, including events such as evicting squatters and repossessing the property.

This may also protect landlords against the cost of defence, if criminal action is taken.

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